We make clothing.
We screen print.
The honest way.
No sweatshops involved.
No support of fast fashionism.
We aim for a humble alternative.


Our products are sustainable, ethically made and organic. Wonder why? Simple. Because we give a fuck.


Karma is not a bitch if you pay respect to her. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. Choosing for organic cotton, we support healthy living and working conditions for farmers, better soil, less water-waste and a bunch of other stuff that makes people and the planet smile.


Our natural ink prevents your skin from absorbing harmful chemicals. And that’s a big thing, because your skin is the biggest organ and doesn’t have a bullshit filter (your digestive system does).

MADE BY BANGLADASH® is our answer to the fast fashion game. Of course buying our stuff will not save the planet, but you’re investing in a future that definitely will.

If you are ready to die, then you are ready to live.

Rickson Gracie